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Tips to Identify the Best Limousine Service in Melbourne

For a person who has never been to Melbourne, their first trip to the city is always stunning. The architecture of the city is in a class of its own and the neighbourhoods are well kept and neat. It is not by accident Melbourne was voted the most livable city in the world. Another interesting feature of this great Victorian city is that one can find great natural recreation places and sport centers that are close to the city.

For a visitor with intentions of seeing many sights and places of interest, the best means of transport would be to hire a limousine to travel around the city and its suburbs. But not every limousine service in Melbourne is the same. If you are ever in this city, your best option is to look for George’s Limousine service. This limo service is operated by experienced chauffeurs led by George himself and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

George's limousine service in Melbourne

In order to make the most of your trip in Melbourne and find the right Limousine service, you need to look for a company with the following features:

Experience – It is always advisable to inquire how long the limousine company has been in business. If they have been in the industry for a number of years, they are likely to offer you satisfactory services. If the company is fairly new, you should inquire about the experience of the drivers. If it has experienced staff, you can expect high quality services.

Reasonable cost of the hire – This is usually the most important factor that determines the company you work with. It is a good idea to make inquiries in at least 3 companies to give you a rough idea of the average cost of hiring a limousine in Melbourne. Based on the cost and features provided, you can make an informed decision.

Hours of service – When you visit Melbourne for the first time, you may be keen to see the city during the day and also at night. The limo service you choose to work with should be operational for 24 hours. This will give you an opportunity to sample Melbourne’s night life as well.

Referrals – If you are able to get a referral from someone you trust, it works all the time. Although you may ask for testimonials, the difference is the people giving a referral do it from the bottom of their heart and in most cases they must have had a favourable experience with the company they are referring you to.

Ability to view the vehicle the day of the hire – This is one important aspect that people forget. If you are hiring a limousine for a special day, you should not take chances. If you are in the city, you should make an appointment for inspecting the vehicle to confirm that it is indeed worth hiring for your special day. If you are jetting in to the city for the first time, you may want to request for pictures of the actual limousine that will pick you up from the airport and drive you around.

George's limousine service at Melbourne airport

Personal touch – You can never go wrong with a service that offers a personal touch. A good reason to use George’s Limousine service is that the owner George will be waiting at the pick-up point almost every time personally himself to meet you. Being an experienced chauffeur in the industry, he will make sure you are served professionally throughout the duration of the hire.

If you are looking for a reliable limousine service Melbourne, the above tips should assist you in making a good decision. You are welcome to make your research yourself, but if you don’t have much time rest assured that you can’t go wrong with George’s Limousine.

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